Thursday, January 21, 2010

TBHP - The Letter

I was recently challenged by a certain someone to learn a song on piano... challenge accepted. The song in question was The Letter by The Black Heart Procession. A band I had never heard of, but was told they were the greatest thing ever.

Here's the original... Great video and concept...

And....Here's Me playing the first few bars of this song... Listen while you watch my Tiger Woods 10 Character hit a hole in one. I still haven't figured out how to put mp3s on this blog. so i made a video... LoL

Learnt under 10 minutes and a hole in one... impressed?... u oughta be playa... haha


SHu. said...

Nice one dats! Thanks for posting this, Ima check out the band.. love digging into new shiiiiiii

p.s. ur such a dork with the tiger woods game haha... still

tik said...

you calling me a player? takes one to know one...

haha and yesss they are the greatest. my music taste rocks just like me! haha jk

better not forget to teach me this when I see you next!

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